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About Me

Hi, human / crawler!

I am Yuning Mao , a fourth-year Ph.D student in the Dept. of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign (UIUC). I am a member of Prof. Jiawei Han's Data Mining Group. I graduated from the IEEE Honored Class, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) in 2017.

My research centers on helping humans to acquire information and knowledge from unstructured texts more effectively and efficiently via natural language processing, machine learning, and data mining. I have experience in text summarization, question answering, taxonomy construction, knowledge graph, hierarchical classification, etc.

What's New

[2021-01] Check out how to get free gains for openQA by reranking retrieved passages without any training [paper] .

[2020-10] Check out how to use constrained generation to preserve the factual consistency of abstractive summarization without worsening ROUGE [paper] .

[2020-09] Check out how we achieve SOTA on Natural Questions and TriviaQA using "BM25" [paper].

[2020-09] Two papers on multi-document summarization and knowledge graph reasoning are accepted to EMNLP 2020.

-------------------------------- What's NOT new --------------------------------

[2020-05] Two papers on self-supervised taxonomy enrichment and knowledge collection of product knowledge graph are accepted to KDD 2020.

[2020-04] Our new metric for summarization, FAR (facet-aware evaluation) along with a detailed analysis of CNN/Daily Mail, has been accepted to ACL 2020.

[2020-04] #WWW2020 We released the first dataset on multi-document headline generation, NewSHead, along with the NHNet model in official TensorFlow repo.

[2018-08-25] After being stuck in Australia for 42 days due to US visa issue, I finally got back to the states... Check out my adventure in Oz (游记)!

[2018-04-20] Birthday Gift: Paper on Taxonomy Induction is accepted to ACL 2018.

[2017-12-10] Performed at the annual carol concert in Foellinger Great Hall.

[2017-11-16] We had a concert at McKinley Presbyterian Church!

What I Enjoy


I enjoy coding to facilitate my (and others') life. I love both engineering work (if it's fun) and research-oriented projects. My interests lie in NLP, ML and data mining. I write 🐍 cuz life is short.

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My love for note ♪ is equivalent to code. I enjoy 🎤 privately (and in public). I used to play 🎻 but play 🎹 and 🎸 more often now. I also compose (very basic) music at times. I am learning blues harp!

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I love all kinds of creatures in various sizes. Since I was a child, I have had 🐕, 🐈, 🐓, 🦆, 🕊, 🐌, 🐛, 🕷, 🐟, 🐢, 🌸, 🌱(🍆🌶🥒...🌽🍅🍠) ... I like insects, not "bugs". I am a "professional" 🐜 keeper!

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Selected Publications

[Google Scholar]
Ongoing / In Submission / Preprint
  1. Yuning Mao, Xiang Ren, Heng Ji, Jiawei Han, "Constrained Abstractive Summarization: Preserving Factual Consistency with Constrained Generation", 2020. [paper]
In Proceedings
  1. Yuning Mao, Pengcheng He, Xiaodong Liu, Yelong Shen, Jianfeng Gao, Jiawei Han, Weizhu Chen, "Reader-Guided Passage Reranking for Open-Domain Question Answering", Findings of ACL 2021. [paper]
  2. Yuning Mao, Pengcheng He, Xiaodong Liu, Yelong Shen, Jianfeng Gao, Jiawei Han, Weizhu Chen, "Generation-Augmented Retrieval for Open-domain Question Answering", ACL 2021. [paper]
  3. Qi Zhu, Fang Guo, Jingjing Tian, Yuning Mao, Jiawei Han, “SUMDocS: Surrounding-aware Unsupervised Multi-Document Summarization”, SDM 2021. [paper] [code]
  4. Jieyu Zhang, Xiangchen Song, Ying Zeng, Jiaze Chen, Jiaming Shen, Yuning Mao, Lei Li, “Taxonomy Completion via Triplet Matching Network”, AAAI 2021. [paper] [code]
  5. Yuning Mao, Yanru Qu, Yiqing Xie, Xiang Ren and Jiawei Han, "Multi-document Summarization with Maximal Marginal Relevance-guided Reinforcement Learning", EMNLP 2020. [paper] [code]
  6. Deren Lei, Gangrong Jiang, Xiaotao Gu, Kexuan Sun, Yuning Mao and Xiang Ren, “Learning Collaborative Agents with Rule Guidance for Knowledge Graph Reasoning”, EMNLP 2020. [paper] [code]
  7. Yuning Mao, Tong Zhao, Andrey Kan, Chenwei Zhang, Xin Luna Dong, Christos Faloutsos and Jiawei Han, "Octet: Online Catalog Taxonomy Enrichment with Self-Supervision", KDD 2020. [paper] [Video]
  8. Yuning Mao, Liyuan Liu, Qi Zhu, Xiang Ren, Jiawei Han, "Facet-Aware Evaluation for Extractive Summarization", ACL 2020. [paper] [code]
  9. Xiaotao Gu, Yuning Mao, Jiawei Han, Jialu Liu, You Wu, Cong Yu, Daniel Finnie, Hongkun Yu, Jiaqi Zhai, Nicholas Zukoski, "Generating Representative Headlines for News Stories", WWW 2020. [paper] [code]
  10. Yuning Mao, Jingjing Tian, Jiawei Han and Xiang Ren, "Hierarchical Text Classification with Reinforced Label Assignment", EMNLP 2019. [paper] [code]
  11. Yuning Mao, Xiang Ren, Jiaming Shen, Xiaotao Gu and Jiawei Han, "End-to-End Reinforcement Learning for Automatic Taxonomy Induction", ACL 2018. [paper] [code]

Selected Experience

    Work (LinkedIn)
  • Facebook
    Research Intern, AI Integrity & FAIR
    Manager: Hao Ma, Hosts: Madian Khabsa & Scott Yih
    May 2021 -- Aug 2021

  • Microsoft
    Research Intern, D365 AI & MSR
    Managers: Weizhu Chen & Jianfeng Gao, Hosts: Pengcheng He, Xiaodong Liu, Yelong Shen
    May 2020 -- May 2021
    Task: Open-Domain Question Answering

  • Amazon
    Research Intern, Product Graph Team
    Manager: Luna Dong, Host: Tong Zhao
    May 2019 -- Oct 2019
    Task: Taxonomy Construction

  • Microsoft
    Research Intern, MSR Asia
    Manager: Jun Yan, Host: Dawei Zhang
    Sept 2016 -- Feb 2017
    Task: Relation Extraction

  1. Yunni & Maxine Pao Memorial Fellowship 2021-2022
  2. KDD'20 Student Registration Award 2020
  3. China National Scholarship (twice, top 2 within major) 2015-2017
  4. Academic Excellence Scholarship of SJTU (rank 1/72 for 3 of 6 semesters) 2014-2017
  5. First Prize in RoboCup China (top 2 team) 2014, 2015

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